Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship is one of the most popular topics ever among the public interested in obtaining dual citizenship, and there are many questions about it and one of the most important questions asked (the most popular ways to apply for it).


In this article, the editorial team at Indoor Real Estate has prepared a report for you on many topics and aspects related to that nationality. We hope to answer your various questions.


Turkish government facilities for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

The Turkish government has put in place many facilities and incentives to help foreigners obtain Turkish citizenship. One of the most popular methods is through real estate investment, as it is the fastest way to obtain citizenship. Other methods include working in Turkey or having a certain amount of money in a Turkish bank account. The conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship are attractive and the process is relatively simple. This has led to many Arabs in Turkey applying for and obtaining Turkish citizenship.


Find out how to obtain Turkish citizenship

Among the many advantages that Turkish citizenship is known for is that it can be applied for in more than one way, and this makes the options diverse for the applicant to choose what suits him.

Through the following paragraphs, learn with us the most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

1 - Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

According to the Turkish Citizenship Law, foreigners who buy property in Turkey worth at least 400000$ are eligible for Turkish citizenship.

The following conditions must be met in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

- The value of the property must be at least 400.000 $.

- The property must be owned for at least 3 years.

- The property must be registered in the name of the applicant.

2 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship through financial investment:

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through financial investment, individuals must meet the following conditions:

- Make a minimum financial investment of USD 500,000 in Turkey

- Hold the investment for at least three years

- Have a valid residence permit

- Register with the local trade registry office and obtain a Turkish tax number

- Not have any criminal record in Turkey or any other country.

3 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship through bank deposit:

The Turkish government has announced a new scheme that will allow foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for making a deposit in a Turkish bank.

The minimum deposit required will be $500,000, and the money must be kept in the account for at least three years.

4 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage:

- The foreign national must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years.

- The foreign national must have lived in Turkey for at least 2 years before applying for citizenship.

- The foreign national must be proficient in the Turkish language.

- The foreign national must have no criminal record in Turkey or their home country.


In the context of talking about Turkish citizenship and ways to obtain it, it must be noted that there are many other ways that you can obtain it, such as adoption and employment of 50 Turks or through exceptional citizenship.

There are many reasons that made real estate investment the first and fastest option for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and at the same time, you will not have obtained it only because you will also have entered the world of Turkish real estate investment, that is, you have achieved two goals at the same time.

According to what was announced by the official authorities, about 40% of real estate buyers in Turkey aim to obtain Turkish citizenship.


Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Being a holder of Turkish citizenship means that you will get many advantages and advantages that interest you, the most important of which are:

- Visa-free travel to over 90 countries
- The right to live and work in Turkey
- Access to free education and healthcare
- Turkish passport holders are eligible for citizenship of the European Union
- Turkish citizenship can be passed on to future generations.

- Turkish citizens have the right to vote.

-Children of Turkish citizens are automatically granted Turkish citizenship.


Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship:

To obtain Turkish citizenship, there are many papers that you must bring, the most important of which are:

- A copy of your passport
- A copy of your birth certificate
- A copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable)
- A copy of your divorce decree (if applicable)
- A copy of your Turkish residency permit
- Proof of employment or self-employment in Turkey
- Proof of income (tax returns, bank statements, etc.)


Problems of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

There is no difference that obtaining Turkish citizenship is very easy, but there are many problems that you may face as an applicant for it, and through the following paragraphs, you can learn about the most prominent of them so that you can easily avoid them:

There are a number of problems and challenges associated with obtaining Turkish citizenship. Firstly, applicants must pay the amount due for investment, which can be a significant sum of money. Secondly, they must meet a number of conditions, including living in Turkey for at least five years and being of majority age. Finally, they must provide a number of documents, including bank transfer receipts, in order to complete the application process.

Other requirements include being able to speak Turkish fluently, having a clean criminal record, and being of good character. These requirements can also be difficult to meet, especially for those who do not have a strong command of the Turkish language.

In addition, the process of applying for Turkish citizenship can be lengthy and complicated. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney before beginning the application process to ensure that all requirements are met, and the application is completed correctly.


When is Turkish citizenship withdrawn from its holder?

Although the Turkish government has provided a lot of facilities for foreigners wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, in some cases it may withdraw it.

Turkish citizenship may be withdrawn from its holder in the following cases:

If the person acquired Turkish citizenship by fraud or misrepresentation.

If the person has been sentenced to imprisonment for a crime against the state or has been involved in activities against national security.

If the person has been found guilty of smuggling, drug trafficking or any other crime punishable by more than three years in prison.

If the person has committed a crime that is punishable by imprisonment in Turkey and is sentenced to imprisonment in another country.


One of the steps to obtaining Turkish citizenship:

- For Turkish citizenship, you must first obtain a residence permit. You can apply for a residence permit at the nearest Turkish consulate or embassy in your home country. The application process and requirements vary from country to country, so it is best to check with the consulate or embassy beforehand.

- You can then apply for Turkish citizenship by applying to the Ministry of Interior. The application must be accompanied by several documents, including proof of identity, proof of residency, proof of income, and a criminal background check.


Other advantages of obtaining citizenship:

In addition to all the advantages mentioned about Turkish citizenship, there are many other advantages that encourage any foreigner to take such a step.

In recent years, the Turkish economy has been growing rapidly. This has led to an increase in the standard of living for many people in Turkey. The government has also been investing heavily in infrastructure projects, which has created even more jobs.

Turkey is located at a crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This strategic location has allowed Turkey to become a vital link between East and West.

Some of the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship are that Turkey is an ideal environment for investment and for obtaining profits.


Turkish passport types:

Through the following paragraph, you can learn about the Turkish passport and its types:

Turkey offers different types of passports to its citizens. The type of passport you are eligible for depends on your age and the purpose of your travel.

- Ordinary passport: This is the most common type of Turkish passport. It is issued to Turkish citizens aged 18 and over for travel outside of Turkey.

- Diplomatic passport: This type of passport is issued to Turkish diplomats and other officials for official travel.

- Service passport: This type of passport is issued to Turkish government employees for official travel.


Turkish passport rank globally:

Turkey currently has the 37th most powerful passport in the world, according to the Henley Passport Index. This ranking gives Turkish citizens visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 105 destinations around the globe.

While this ranking is an improvement from previous years, it's still not as high as some other countries in the region. For example, both Japan and Singapore have passports that grant visa-free access to 190 destinations.


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