Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as the pre-title deed and licence of the project ready you can apply for nationality.
Yes, the buyer, his/her wife and the children below 18 y.o. can apply nationality with one application which is minimum $400.000 usd.
Yes, as long as the downpayment is $400.000 usd you can apply directly before complete all payment.
– Title deed tax (totally 4%, generally it is shared half – half with buyer and seller)
– V.A.T. (If the net size of unit below 150 m2 1%, if above 150 m2 18%, but possible to get exemption)
– The amount of apartment suppose to come out of country.
– The buyer shouldn't be resident in turkey currently .
– The total amount should be paid in maximum 11 months.
– Choosing the unit by property tours or on-line presentations.
– Booking the unit via deposit.
– Opening a bank account in a reputable bank.
– Making money transfer to seller/developer and sign the sales agreement via nottery.
– Handing over the unit (if ready to move).
– Applying the freehold title deed.(if there is no pending payment).
– Applying for nationality and giving POA to legal company.
– Handing over the title deed.
Generally within 4 months you can handover your new passport and ID card for you & your family.
– Turkish Citizens have visa free or visa on arrival access to 111 countries around the world. 20 countries require e-visa.
– Turkish passport provides you big advantage on application process of Schengen, U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia visas.
– Turkish Citizens can travel with ID card to Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, North Cyprus.